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Random is cool is random is cool is random is cool is random is strange is cool is random is insane is my brother's vest is life is death is love is hate is me is you is poo is sadness is life is happiness is a bee is honey is my honey is un coup de main is l'amour is a really bad horror flick on channel 5 is anyone really reading this is quite scary and is very patient which is a virtue is a grace is a little girl who would not wash her face is pretty is pretty ugly is defined by hatred is not the opposite of love which actually is indifference is quite depressing is divorce is despair is a bad hair day is the click clack of the keyboard is tired fingers is a little yawn is a HUGE yawn is no more exams is listlessness is a rebel is freedom is truth is hypocrites is government is power is greed is corrupting the great men and women of the world is no vision left? Sigh. Jesus Christ pray for us all in this new year. ^_^